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A place to keep lists. Don't blame me: John started it.

 The Infinity of Lists

The Infinity of Lists

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The Infinity of Lists is a book by Umberto Eco on the topic of lists (2009). The title of the original Italian edition was La Vertigine della Lista (The Vertigo of Lists) (2009). It was produced in collaboration with the Louvre.

The examples of lists in the work range from Hesiod's list of the progeny of gods to Rabelais' list of bottom wipes.

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A list of URLs at which you can find a list of screenplays for download, or a list of links to those screenplays, or a list of screenplays with a... Read more...

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I recall your excellent list of excellent words with excellent conversations on them. Very meta.

Does it mean we should create a list of them?

Dang! I started almost the same list at the same time :-)